Why Joining Herbalife Could Be The Best Or The Worst Decision You Will Ever Make

Herbalife – The Good And The Bad

Herbalife are a health and wellness company based in Los Angeles, California. They sell nutritional products and weight-management supplements, and use a direct-selling business model which means that the ONLY place you can buy Herbalife products is from a registered Distributor.

Distributors are paid a commission for every product that they sell, but they are also expected to add other people into the business too. If they do this they can earn commission on the sales these people make too.

In order to qualify as a Distributor you are usually required to purchase a set-amount of product for yourself every month, and then more to sell on to your customers. If you find it difficult to sell your products you will be left with loads of unwanted goods that you cannot get rid of, and you will start to lose a lot of money.

The majority of the money you will make as a Herbalife Distributor will come from those you add into the business, and this means that the more money you are losing on your products the more desperate you become to add people into your business.

This is when it can start to get dangerous because in your desperation you could end up hassling and harassing your family and friends. They will fall out with you, start to avoid you at social occasions, and yearn for a return to the days that Herbalife didn’t occupy your every waking second. They will long for the old you back.

If you are one of those people who relies on tired, outdated techniques to sell your products, then joining Herbalife could be the worst decision you will ever make. It could lead to you losing all of your friends, your family, and your money. You could end up broke and alone, cursing the day you ever even heard of Herbalife.

But its not Herbalife’s fault if this happens. The difference between success and failure lies at the feet of the Distributor, and the Distributor alone. It is your business, it is up to you to make it work.

Herbalife is not a sham business and it is not inevitable that you will lose all your money and your friends.

You just need to learn the most effective way of selling your products to those who really want them. Once you’ve done that the products will be flying out of your back office and you will never need to bother anybody who doesn’t want them again. The people who do want them will be more than enough to keep you busy.

What’s more, you wont even have to go out and waste lots of your time finding these people. They will come to you!

Every day thousands, even millions, of people all over the world go online and search for solutions to weight-management issues. There are people out there who are desperately seeking a product that will help them manage their weight or live a healthier and happier lifestyle. You have that product.

With all these people out there, why waste your time trying to convince skeptics to buy from you? It is much easier to sell to someone who already wants your product and has their wallet out ready to buy, than it is to try and sell the same thing to somebody who isn’t interested.

So if you continue to trudge along using the tired old MLM methods that have been proven to fail time and again then joining Herbalife could be the worst decision you’ll ever make.

But if you take the time and effort to learn the business skills required to be generating hundreds of leads a day, your downline will soon be growing, and you could look back on your decision to join Herbalife as being the best decision of your life.